Culture + Collaboration

Join the community and share in the collaboration of ideas. We are all battling the same challenges and who else is better to provide advice than your fellow Easton Wealth members. The Easton Wealth culture has always been open, transparent and ready to help wherever possible.

The Easton Wealth culture is unique. The conference brings all Advisers and Accountants Australia wide together to rekindle friendships and remind each other we are not alone in our quest for building a quality practice. Conference has always been the pinnacle of this unique culture, the culture that Easton Wealth are known for across the industry. Being a part of this is a huge reason for attending the conference in Cairns.

For those that attended the previous conference, it is well known the Easton Wealth conference is not your typical professional development day.

The Conference is highly invested as an advanced learning and networking event with no expense spared. With high end audio, visuals, Keynote presenters, three networking dinner functions, the conference is carefully planned and operated by the Easton Wealth conference committee who have over a decade of experience coordinating and managing these successful events. This event always delivers on high expectations and is regarded as a favourite amongst our regular sponsors and delegates. See for yourself and watch the video highlights from 2019!

AdvancedLearningand CPD

International and Domestic Keynote Presenters

Every year we carefully select experienced keynote presenters from both domestic and international locations that are highly relevent to the conference theme. Our objective is always to provide the most value to you and your practice and motivate you to implement.

Hands on workshops with the experts

During the conference we like to get our hands dirty and immerse ourselves into case studies that help fine tune our advice skills. Industry experts providing fresh perspective to help think outside our usual boundaries.

Cutting Edge Technologies

Technology when used correctly can add further value to our learning and development. Using the latest apps to enhance audience engagement and gain powerful insights into topics discussed from the main stage.

Support Staff Masterclasses

This year we are taking new initiatives to share the knowledge with support staff of the Easton Wealth network. Establishing a strong understanding from the ground up of the award winning engagement processes that Easton Wealth has developed. Providing a higher level of support to the Financial Advisers.

Industry Expert Discussion Panels

We love to collaborate and exchange ideas. We get a good perspective of what is happening in our industry from the experts themselves whilst engaging the audience for question and answers. A great way to keep in touch with the new world of financial advice.


Back office Process Session 1: New Clients

This session will be a brainstorming session to break down and share the whole process of how to best onboard new clients in the most efficient, but compliant ways as possible by breaking down each task, role responsibility (CSO/CSM, Paraplanner and Adviser)and how to implement this in each practice in the best way.

We will cover the steps in pre-meeting, fact find, research (including understanding the APL), SOA and Implementation stage.

It will allow support staff to brainstorm with one another how they best complete each stage, what should be completed, who is responsible for completing the task and identifying how each stage can be made as efficient as possible


Back office Process Session 2: Review Clients

This session will explore Post Royal Commissions the importance of reviews in line with the new regulatory rules around ASIC 232 and how these should be completed in line with best practice.

It will deep dive into Pre review meeting, review meeting preparation, review meeting and post review and what needs to be involved in each of these steps.

This will flow into a group session structured around different review clients and constructing what steps need to be completed to meet ASIC 232 standards and best practice.


Paraplanning Master class

Challenge support staff and paraplanners to improve technical competencies, communication skills and to also grow in their job role. Cover the areas for the future paraplanning post royal commissions (FASEA standards 1-12 – new legislation)

Best Practice SOA construction. Compliance grey areas (never be scared to question the advice). Overcoming obstacles when constructing the paraplanning. Overview on how to best use the construction tools to support best practice and the advice being presented.


Road Mapping your CRM to make your Practice as efficient as possible

This session will explore how you can utilise your CRM system to make this the source of truth. It will allow you to identify where you are now, what systems you are using, what you deem to be important processes on your CRM in your practice and what can be added such as workflows, creating threads, adding automated tasks such as review reminders, birthday emails etc


Where product and platform fits into the process

Product and/or platform are often the tools to implement advice. We will breakdown this session into risk and platform to discuss the what, how and why of these products. We will call on a couple of our providers to explain claims processing, underwriting and platform operations so support staff can better understand the issues they are dealing with.


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Our agenda last year produced 15 FASEA CPD hours and we intend to achieve the same for 2021.